Seder Kit 2.0

SederpackageThe JWB is seeking your input on improvements on the existing Passover Seder Participant Kit.

While it is hard for beggars to be choosey, all of us who have “experienced” the seder kit knows it can leave a little to be desired. Rabbi Elson (I MEF Chaplain) is spearheading a revision of the kit to better serve those deployed during the holiday. From Chaplain Elson:

Having just returned from [Afghanistan] and having once again this year used the DLA Solo Seder Kits and the Leader Seder Kits, I am more than ever convinced that it is time for a complete makeover of this product. I will be putting together a paper for DLA on this issue and would appreciate your input.

The kit has remained unchanged for many years now and this is a rare opportunity to make a lasting change on something that will have a pretty big impact on your fellow troops. If you have used the kit recently and have some constructive suggestions, send an email to CAPT Elson (USN). He is specifically looking for ideas on what needs to be removed/added to the kit. Please do not send him your stories about kits not arriving or arriving late.

While the JWB is reaching out to chaplains and layleaders on this topic, I’m sure they would be happy to hear from individuals if you have quality input.

For those that need their memories refreshed, here is a list of the contents of the Solo Participant Kit:

  • 1 pound Matzoh
  • 1 Matzoh cover
  • 1 White yarmulke
  • 1 Hebrew/English Haggadah
  • 8 boxes of Grape Juice, Boxed
  • 1 Disposable Cup
  • 2 Cans Gefilte Fish
  • 1 Disposable Seder Plate
  • 8 Horseradish Packets
  • 2 Charoses
  • 2 Pearl Onions
  • 1 Shank Bone
  • 2 Desserts
  • 1 Instruction Booklet
  • 2 pks. napkins/cutlery


  • Shellie Barer

    I am not a lay or professional leader, but I would suggest finding or compiling a more relevant Haggadah. I am familiar with the one pictured and it is OK, but the Seder can be creative while still containing traditional elements.

  • RJ Schindler-Marren

    While making a Seder is vital part of the Passover celebration so is the continued observance … Perhaps the kit could contain additional items of food so that the Jew in Green can observe Pesach in a meaningful for the full length of the holiday. Candles to properly begin the Seder.
    Maybe with the instruction booklet discussion ideas that are relevant to what it means to be a Jew in Green celebrating the Passover …
    I assure you I will be thinking of this for awhile and will share whatever additional ideas or suggestions I may have…