About Us

What is “Jews in Green”?

It is a website devoted to Jewish servicemembers: past, present, and future.

Jews in Green (JIG) was founded by a United States Marine.  The site was originally created so other Jews serving in our armed forces can learn what resources are available to them, share their experiences with one another, and offer support to one another when needed.

In 2014, the care of the site was passed to the Jewish War Veterans and the National Museum of American Jewish Military History.

What makes this website different?

There are a few other websites about Jews in the military (most notably the jewishmarines.com series of websites) but most concentrate on the history of Jewish service members.  JIG includes a fair share of Jewish history, but also focuses on issues that affect service members on a daily basis.

Why green?  My uniform is blue (white, red, etc.)!

OK, in picking a military theme we had to choose something that was easily recognizable and somewhat common to all of us. Despite our rainbow of uniforms, we felt green accomplished this the best.

If you have more questions or want to tell us how much you love (or hate) the website, feel free to contact us.