Great Deals on Military Vacations

Sometimes it’s great to be in the military (or be a dependent)! recently published an article about the Armed Forces Vacation Club, a little known military benefit. Through the AFVC,

military members (including active and inactive members of the Guard and Reserve), retired members, military family members, and 100% disabled veterans can rent luxury condos at locations around the World for the low cost of $249 per week. That comes out to about $35.00 per day!

Another great thing about the AFVC is that they have listings for almost everywhere – including Israel!!! And you can find places to stay for a weekly or nightly rate, in both peak and off peak seasons, and even at the last minute. The article gives you instructions for making your first reservation – which starts with you calling the Armed Forces Vacation Club at 1-800-724-9988 and getting an account number and password. After that, you can pretty much do everything online.

Some of the resorts in Mexico and the Caribean are listed as “all inclusive” which means

the resort provides all meals, beverages, entertainment, and sometimes daytrips, just like on a cruise ship. Anyone who stays at an “all inclusive” resort pays a per person fee for this service (in addition to the $249 per week rental fee).

One of the only disadvantages of this service is the strict cancelation policy. Apparently there are hefty fines for cancelations that are not due to valid military reasons. So basically, you should be sure of your plans before you make them.

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