Jewish chaplain Yisahar Izak

From the Fayette Observer:

Soldiers tediously shoveled sand, filling bags for their pits as Capt. Yisahar Izak moved around the training area.

His presence, quiet and unassuming, didn’t alter the gruff language between laborious scoops. Instead, it offered a sense of serenity for anyone who might pull Izak, a chaplain, aside.

“You need anything?” Izak asked a soldier.

 The soldier said he was OK and continued to fill sandbags.

“You know where to find me,” Izak said.

Izak is Fort Bragg’s only Jewish chaplain – and one of just 11 Jewish chaplains across the Army. It’s not known exactly how many Jewish soldiers are in the Army, but as one of the Army’s largest installations, it’s likely that Fort Bragg is home to a significant portion of Jewish followers.

The Army Reserve has nine Jewish chaplains.

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