2016 Normandy Kaddish Project

Each year, the Normandy Kaddish Project asks synagogues across the nation to say kaddish for those who lost their lives in World War II at Normandy and are buried at the Normandy American Cemetery. This year, the Shabbat closest to the anniversary of D-Day will begin on June 3rd.

Photo: Alan Weinschel

Photo: Alan Weinschel

There are 149 American Jewish graves at the Normandy American Cemetery. These names are available to be read as we remember them and all of the Jewish service members who fell at Normandy. Many more who died in the invasion were repatriated for permanent burial at U.S. cemeteries.

Alan Weinschel started the project three years ago and continues to send the word to synagogues and Jewish organizations. He considers the project an ongoing obligation to remember the supreme sacrifice of those that might otherwise be forgotten. Many of the Jewish graves in Normandy go unvisited and there may be no family to say kaddish.

According to Weinschel, hundreds of synagogues will participate either on June 3rd or another date. Once again, do what you can to get your own congregation involved. Alan Weinschel can be contacted at normandykaddishajw@gmail.com.