Jewish Education for Military Kids

[Ed. Note: I’m a little late in posting this, but it’s still worth checking out. Especially since they have a special program just for military families.]


A new online education services company, ShalomLearning, is launching an interactive “all-online” Hebrew school course for military families that are looking to bring Judaism into their homes.

ShalomLearning, a pluralistic and values-based platform that provides a welcoming community for any level of observance and affiliation has created an online program designed for military families that need a little more flexibility, and still want their children to enjoy a connection to a positive and inspiring Jewish education.

ShalomLearning is offering their program as an option for 4th-6th graders.  By using technology to eliminate the physical and geographical boundaries, students will be able to learn and build relationships with their peers.  Given the collaborative and engaging curriculum, families will also have an opportunity to participate creating their own Jewish community – which is so critical for transient military families.

Already proven a successful model at the Jewish Community Center in the Washington DC area and at synagogues around the country, ShalomLearning is modifying their program this fall to make it more accessible to military families.  Students will learn about Jewish history and holidays, practice Hebrew and prayer and build a positive Jewish identity.  Parents can easily track their child’s educational progress online and participate in enriching activities.

This summer an anonymous donor offered to fund any child of a US military family to participate in a special ShalomLearning program designed for Jewish military families. The initiative, will give families flexibility in teaching their children and give them new online options for Jewish learning. More information and enrollment for the military program can be found at