Torahs For Our Troops


I’d like to share an excellent program run by the JWB that helps to get Torahs in the hands of chaplains and lay leaders around the globe.

Jewish military chaplains certified by JWB, and lay leaders trained by JWB, run services, conduct Seders, and offer comfort to Jewish personnel. But all too often, when conducting services, they are lacking the most powerful, important and essential ritual object of Jewish life – a Torah scroll.

At this time, JWB has 60 Torahs at major military installations around the world. With more than 10,000 Jewish Americans serving on active duty, chaplains in the field and aboard ships need scrolls that can accompany them from site to site. To ensure that our troops have access to a Torah when a chaplain visits, JWB commissioned the writing of small, lightweight but fully kosher Sifrei Torah (Torah scrolls).

You can make individual donations to support the project at the JWB’s website.

In addition to individual donations, this is a fantastic project for a community looking to give something meaningful to the Jewish military community as a whole. The JWB can arrange to bring the Torah, the Sofer and a member of the JWB team to your community where members would be able to inscribe letters, words, psukim, prakim, parshot and even an entire Torah.

If you are interested in a project like this, contact Barbara Lerman-Golomb at (212) 710-6436 or