FREE Judaism Correspondence Courses

The Aleph Institute will be offering a number of correspondence courses on Jewish topics to military personnel . The following are the courses currently available:

Kosher for the Clueless but Curious

Incorporating a lifestyle change such as keeping kosher can be daunting at first glance. Never fear! This course teaches the aspiring student about Kashrut from the ground up. This is a perfect choice for the student who wants to know more about what it means to keep Kosher and why it is important. Additionally, this course strives to help students of all levels and backgrounds find comfortable levels of observance for their situation.

My Prayer

Prayer allows humans to connect with the infinitely powerful creator of the universe. This class teaches the basics of Jewish prayer and explains its meanings by following the text in the Siddur (prayer book). For both the experienced and those who are just learning, this class helps broaden the understandings of a person’s connection to G-d. Additionally, this course strengthens the student’s gratitude for the multitude of kindnesses that G-d does for all of His creations.

The Bible for the Clueless but Curious

Designed to teach and entertain both the beginning bible student as well as the advanced one, this class explains the Torah’s stories and lessons in a new, easy to read, and exiting approach. This class chronicles the events in all 5 books of the Torah, while also explaining their relevance to today’s day and age.

The Festival Series

Explore the story and details behind all the major Jewish holidays – High Holidays, Sukkot, Simchat Torah, Chanukah, Purim, Passover and Shavuot. Enjoy fascinating facts and insights that will elevate your holiday experience to whole new level!

 Bible: “Torah: Chumash Bereishis: A Chassidic Perspective on the Book of Genesis”

Study the first book of the Five Books of Moses on a whole new level. This course is sure to give you a whole new outlook into the lives of our Forefathers.

Rambam: The 13 Principles of Faith

The 13 Principles of Faith as established by Maimonides have helped guide the Jewish People for hundreds of years. This course will focus on the 8th Principle – the Divinity of the Torah. Learn the validity of the Torah, a most foundational belief in Judaism.

Happiness: “The Ladder Up”

How can I be happy? How do I cope with the challenges and tribulations that consume my life? This course will give you the tools and method how to achieve ultimate happiness.

The fine print: Aleph will send one course at a time and only to the actual individual that will be completing the course. Once you complete one course and send it back, you may request a follow on course. This offer is available for Jewish personnel only.

To order a course, send an email to with the following info:

  1. Name of Jewish member of the US Armed Forces that will be taking the course
  2. Complete mailing address
  3. Phone number of person taking course(cell phone, if at all possible)
  4. Email address of person taking the course
  5. Which course would you like us to enroll in