FREE Jewish & Hebrew Children’s Books

Sifriyat Pijama B’America is a free Hebrew and Jewish family literacy program implemented on a local level throughout the United States. They will mail free, high-quality Hebrew Jewish children’s literature and music to families across the U.S. on a monthly basis. SP-BA is a program for children ages 3 to 6, aimed at creating connections to Jewish Life and enhancing Jewish and Hebrew education. These free books are for your family to keep forever!!

Our family has been using the English version of this program, PJ Library, for a year now and it is just fantastic. Aside from getting a steady stream of FREE books for our kids (they get crazy-excited when a PJ Library package is in the mailbox), it’s amazing to get quality Jewish books that I can read to the kids. Sure you can find an odd one here and there on the B&N clearance rack, but in a relatively small Jewish community it can be hard to find Jewish books for kids.

Both programs operate through local “communities”, but I think they are pretty generous (especially for military families) if you are anywhere near one of these locations. You can check the PJ Library community map to see if there is one close to you. The good news is that you can receive books from BOTH programs, but you have to sign up for them separately.

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  • Hi Capt. Rubin! Thanks for the shout-out to PJ Library and Sifriyat Pijama B’America. One clarification: Any active military family raising a Jewish child from 6 months through age 8 can sign up for PJ Library. It doesn’t matter if there is one Jewish parent or two…or if you are stateside or overseas…sign up today through our website:

    PJ Library exists in 175 communities throughout the US and Canada. We send out 100,000 books each month. We treat the military as its own PJ Library community. Here’s the direct link to the military sign-up page: .

    There is no cost to military families who become PJ Library subscribers. It really is absolutely FREE to you. It’s a no-strings-attached gift from Harold Grinspoon, the philanthropist who created the PJ Library program. We ask only that you read the books and enjoy!

    To all the “Jews in Green:” Thanks for your service!

    Paul Lewis
    Director of Community Development
    PJ Library