Hazzan Ivan E. Perlman

(reprinted from http://www.cantorsperlman.com)

CANTOR IVAN E. PERLMAN began his journey through life as a Cantor on March 14, 1948. He completed his Cantorial studies at the Jewish Theological Seminary in 1950. Cantor Perlman has served congregations in Lyndhurst and Fairlawn, New Jersey; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Des Moines, Iowa; Providence, Rhode Island; Stockholm, Sweden; Sarasota; Boca Raton; and Tamarac, Florida.

At age 76 Cantor Perlman accepted the Cantorial position at Temple Beth Kodesh in Boynton Beach, Florida. This was followed by being elected their Ritual Leader at age 78 in the fall of 2003. On February 5, 2005, Cantor Perlman conducted his last Service and is looking forward to moving back to his beloved Rhode Island with his wife, Muriel.

Cantor Perlman served in the Marine Corps during WWII and was a recipient of the Bronze Star for Heroism on Iwo Jima. Ivan Perlman is a Life Member of the Marine Corps League, the Jewish War Veterans, and the Knights of Pythias. He has been the JWV Post Commander in New York City, the Department chaplain in Iowa, Nebraska, Rhode Island, and Florida. He was the first National Cantor of the Jewish War Veterans. Currently, Ivan Perlman serves the Jewish War Veterans as its National Cantor, the Post 459 Chaplain, and is a Past Department Chaplain for Florida.

Ivan Perlman has been active in many organizations over the years and was instrumental in organizing the Friends of the Rhode Island School for the Deaf serving as its first chairman.

As a member of the Cantors Assembly of America, he served in many capacities and was its President from 1983 to 1985. Cantor Perlman and Muriel, his wife since August 16, 1947, have four grown sons (all Cantors!) and enjoy many wonderful grandchildren.

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  • Jill (Bayer) Hagerman

    Dear Cantor Perlman,

    As I am organizing my mother’s (Carolyn Bayer) photos, I came across my Bat Mitzvah invitation and all the wonderful memories of my childhood in Des Moines @Tiffereth Israel came flooding back.  I remember you so fondly preparing our Bar/Bat Mitzvah class for the big day and you being there by my side as I completed my haftorah and blessings.  I also found in my mother’s momentos, the playbill from Guys and Dolls from 1958 and you had the lead as Sky Masterson.  I remember my buddy, Eli…please say hello for me. As I write this, I am listening to an album of liturgical music you recorded in the 60’s that I received from you as a wedding gift in 1969. I want to thank you for all those years in Des Moines and leaving me with some great memories and appreciation for beautiful cantorial music.  Please give your family my fondest regards and I would love to hear from you.  God willing, my mother will celebrate her 90th birthday in December and though her memory is not the best these days, she remembers her many years in the choir and you, Muriel and your family very well.  God Bless…Jill Hagerman

  • Harry Harrison

    Dear Cantor Perlman,

    Your family and friends are justifiably proud of your accomplishments during the war and later as a spiritual leader for a variety of Jewish communities.

    You and others of your time epitomize what Tom Brokaw characterized as members of the “greatest generation”.

    All my best wishes to you and your family!