Coffee for the Troops

Alisha Margulies cares about the troops, and her concern pours forth like a freshly brewed cup of java.

Originally from the Philadelphia area, Alisha has a friend or two in the 56th Brigade, now deployed to Iraq. Her father, Michael, was in the Air Force, and her brother-in-law (SGT Kresge) is also a member of the 56th Stryker Brigade Combat Team. Alisha is also motivated by her Jewish faith to do mitzvot, meaning literally “commandments” but colloquially “good deeds.”

Given her connection to the service and her employment at Starbucks as a barrista, Alisha had a great idea as to how she could support the troops. She went to management of Starbucks store 10210 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and asked if she might put up a sign asking for coffee donations. Her management keenly approved, and the customers in Lancaster overwhelmed her with their generosity.

An enormous selection was donated by customers and Alisha herself, including a seasonal Christmas blend (which is by all accounts good year-round), and

many other “fancy-shmancy” bean varieties that will help dispell the morning grumpies that Infantry Soldiers in particular are well-known for.

Her brother-in-law, SGT Brian Kresge, will be shipping the coffee Alisha collected to members of the 2/112th SBCT at Forward Operating Base Liberty in Iraq.

Asked if his unit would accept delivery of this coffee, CPT Paolo Sica of C Co, 2/112th SBCT responded (in all capitals) “DO YOU EVEN HAVE TO ASK!?!?!?”

Given the considerable dollar value of the Starbucks coffee Alisha has diligently gathered, one might think she’s done. She is still collecting coffee as well as other requested various and sundries.

Though she’s not fully aware what a boon good coffee represents as a force multiplier, Alisha knows that her efforts will result in a slightly extravagant taste of home for more than a few Stryker Soldiers.

Alisha Margulies epitomizes the kind of individual support that Soldiers so deeply appreciate. Members of the 2/112th SBCT will be presenting her with a framed certificate of recognition for her efforts.