Arkansas Menorah in the Baghdad Plaza

Celebrating Chanukah 2007 in Saddam Hussein’s Republican Palace, who would think? Yet tonight inside a marble encrusted hall in Baghdad, we lit the eighth light of a hand-made, 6-foot tall menorah. We prayed in Hebrew, joyfully sang a medley of Chanukah songs, ate latkes, and best of all, we were Jews together in the land of our earliest forefathers. The […]

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Another Article about Chaplain Shulman

Local man serves as Army chaplain As the lone Jewish chaplain in Iraq, Andy Shulman currently spends his days counseling soldiers in one of the most dangerous places on earth. For four years, Shulman, a Malden resident, worked as a program director for Congregation Beth Israel in Malden’s West End. However, as he wrote in an e-mail: “I was looking […]

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