Another Marine Departed

The Washington Post has a touching story about LCpl Colin Wolfe’s death in Iraq and the loved ones he left behind at home.

Wolfe had volunteered for a midday mission in the town of Habbaniya. During the patrol, his Humvee hit a roadside bomb. The blast ignited the gas tank, then the ammunition. He died instantly. He was buried in Arlington National Cemetery on September 11th, 2006. For more information on LCpl Wolfe, you can visit his Arlington memorial page.


  • I read your story, Colin.

    You are a hero to all of us and inpiration to thousands of other heroes defending our country all over the world.

    Thank you and you’ll be missed. G-D bless you.


    San Francisco, CA.

  • We say kaddish every week for Colin and others who gave their lives for our freedom.

    Troops of the Basic Training Commands

    Fort Benning, GA

  • jeremy hancock

    my brother colin, remember we both fucked around in vietnam class? then we both joined , right after eachother….but you made the biggest sacrifice, i miss you, we all miss you, and i know for a FACT you would of been the first to step up to anything, not afraid of shit…first to step, last to step out.. we will see you agian man… semper fi