Article Roundup

I’ve been horribly behind in my posts here. Finishing up training and preparing for our next move have been taking up most of my time. Instead of waiting another month toget individual stories out, I thought I would provide quick access to a number of interesting articles out there.

  • In My Boots : LTJG Laurie Zimmet recollects some of her experiences serving in Iraq and why she decided join th Navy. A very interesting read!
  • From Givati to Ramadi : An intriguing story of young IDF corporal from northern Israel who decided to return to the States to serve with the Army’s 3rd ID in Iraq.
  • Torah at Sea : A follow-up to our original story about an Ohio synagogue donating a Torah to the USS Eisenhower
  • West Point Two Centuries of Jewish Life and Culture : A counter to the religious discrimination at the AFA. 2ndLt Adam R. Sasso talks about his rich Jewish experiences at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.
  • Passover in Boot Camp : Irving Koren talks about a unique Passover experience in 1943. Apparently it was THE BIGGEST SEDER in American Naval History.

Thanks again to all our readers who have sent me links to stories and emailed me information for articles. Please keep them coming.

I have a lot of work to still do in order to catch up on everything, particularly with our Featured Jews section. Once things get settled on the homefront, JIG will be back at full speed.