Jewish-Muslim Chapel Opens at Ramstein AB

As of 20 Sep 05, Ramstein AB, Germany, has something that no other Air Force Base has: a joint Jewish-Muslim Chapel. The chapel isn’t 1 big hall where different faiths alternate nights – it’s 2 identically-shaped adjacent halls, one side designed for Jewish services and the other for Muslim prayer. It’s called the Kaiserslautern Military Community Interfaith Chapel and it […]

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The Rabbi at Camp Victory

“The rabbi, Mitchell Schranz, would rather his congregants leave their Berettas and their M-4 rifles at home than bring them to this nondescript alcove, not far from a former palace of Saddam Hussein. But this is Camp Victory, the American military’s main headquarters in Iraq ” and Jewish soldiers don’t always have the option of welcoming Shabbat unarmed.” US Navy […]

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Barry S. Roffman

Lieutenant, U.S. Coast Guard Lieutenant Barry Steven Roffman had ten years in the Naval Reserve before being honorably discharged in 1979.  He served on 5 aircraft carriers, 4 destroyers, an amphibious communications command ship, and a minesweeper.  In 1983 he enlisted in the Coast Guard Reserve as an E-5 (QM-2), and received another commission in 1985.  He then worked his […]

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