“Little Izzy”

One of the reasons I like Jews in Green so much is that you can read stories about other Jewish servicemen, and it makes you proud to be a fighting Jew. Rear Admiral Isquith, USN (Ret.) is one of those stories. He barely passed the physical exam to enter Annapolis due to his short stature, then his class commissioned a year early to fight in WWI. He served on river gunboats, destroyers, cruisers, and battleships in the Far East and European arenas. Only promoted as far as Lt Commander by the time WWII broke out, most likely due to anti-semitism, he distinguished himself at Pearl Harbor. During the attack, he saved 90% of his ship’s crew and then led teams, under fire, to cut holes in capsized ships to free other trapped sailors. He received the Navy Cross for his actions.

To read the whole story at the Jewish War Veteran’s site, click here.

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