Secret Mission to Services

Haaretz, one of the leading newspapers in Israel, has an interesting article about Jews serving in Iraq. It’s a great read!

Some of the content is a little dramatic (and entertaining):

It was dark and he was tired, but he was determined to get from his base at Camp Victory to Saddam Hussein’s former Republican Palace in the capital. He put on his uniform, grabbed his M-16 and went looking for his two Jewish comrades-in-arms to join him on an urgent mission – to get to the palace, safely, before Rosh Hashanah services began that evening.

But he talks about some serious topics as well.

The author addresses the issue of having too few Jewish chaplains in Iraq and in the service as a whole as well as other difficulties Jewish service members are facing over there. The picture painted is certainly not a rosy one, but I think it is often the struggles and hardships that we endure that make us stronger as a people.