Joshua A. Mandel

Corporal, U.S. Marine Corps

Joshua Mandel seems to have a knack for service.  He served two terms as the Ohio State University undergraduate president before he joined the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves in 2000. After his initial training, he returned home to Cleveland and began law school at Case Western Reserve University. While at Case, the young Republican worked for his state representative for three years in charge of community outreach.

At only 26 years of age, Cpl Mandel ran for the office of city councilman of his hometown of Lyndhurst, Ohio.  Mandel physically went door-to-door campaigning and listening to the people.  His sincere concern for the individual voters seemed to have a big effect on the people of Lyndhurst; he won his first race for public office with 4700 of the 5000 votes cast.

Cpl Mandel was sworn in to public office on December 30, just days after he received notification that he was being called to active duty for Operation Iraqi Freedom.  In an impressive showing of support, the council passed a resolution allowing him to keep his seat while deployed.

Even though he is far from home and obviously occupied with his task at hand in Iraq, Mandel still finds time for the city residents he represents.  The staff at Lyndhurst City Hall keeps him updated on the business of his city via letters and email.  He regularly writes letters home to the city council and has even helped with some special requests.

Jeff Dean, an Ohio resident and Marine Corps veteran who served in Vietnam had a special favor for Cpl Mandel.  He asked if Mandel could briefly fly his Marine Corps flag from one of the vehicles and bring it back with him when he returned from Iraq.

Mandel came through and affixed Dean’s flag above the Humvee that carried Mandel and his fellow Marines into battle during a raid of Ar Rutbah, a town in the Al-Anbar province in the far western part of Iraq near the Syrian border.  Cpl Mandel sent the flag and the battle certificate back to Dean along with a letter detailing the flag’s journey.

The community of Lyndhurst has come out in force to support their new councilman as well.  In one of his letters back home, the corporal wrote that, “There’s not a mail call that goes by without something arriving from a family, organization, or school back home.”

The Jewish community of Lyndhurst has also shown their support for Cpl Mandel.  In June, the local Jewish Community Federation collected a whopping 145 lbs. of goodies for Mandel and his band of brothers, everything from snacks to toys to a fly swatter.

The following are some excerpts from Cpl Mandel’s letter home thanking the federation:

The guys really liked the Israeli gumballs, and I did my best interpreting the jar for them (My Hebrew’s a bit rusty). There are also a few Marines who are proud to proclaim that they can properly pronounce “Manischewitz” from the front of the box of jelly rings! While the dried apples and honey look pretty tasty right now, my plan is to employ a little discipline and try to save ‘em until Rosh Hashana. We’ll see how long that lasts.

One of the things I miss most about home is my involvement in Jewish causes. As you can imagine, there aren’t too many of them in Iraq! I’m looking forward to the day when I’ll once again be able to spend many hours of my week dedicated to the Jewish community that has played such an integral role in my life.

It’s no wonder that the people who know Josh Mandel respect and admire him.  Lyndhurst Mayor Joe Cicero said, “He is one of my heroes. You very rarely meet people who are so dedicated at his age. He is truly one of the most amazing people I’ve met.” Ohio State Representative Jim Trakas also said that, “Josh is the best human being I’ve ever met.”


  • It is really nice to see Josh doing something so important with his life. It is a huge change from the high school days in Beachwood, Ohio when he was our star quarterback for two years…

    Knowing Cpl. Mandel as long as I have, I never really knew he had such patriotism, but its very comforting to know we have people like him keeping our country safe.

  • Inspiring…

  • jAIME Gottlieb

    Seargent mandel,

    Seargent mandel did you go to the ratner shcool when you where younger, please write back.

  • I had high hopes for Josh but frankly he has done nothing in his four years of Lyndhurst service. He had one initiative to refund excess city taxes but that failed and he has brought nothing new to the table. If he failed at the city level there is no reason to promote him to the state leve. Vote no for Josh.

  • Got this bit of news from David J. Blumberg:

    Here is something to brighten your day.

    Thanks to your help, Josh Mandel won his State Assembly race in Ohio in a landslide victory.  Josh raised more money for his Ohio Assembly race than anyone ever as a first-timer.  He was endorsed by the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the local suburban paper in his area, and many community leaders and politicians.  In a district divided about 50/50 D/R, Josh won with 67% of the vote and obviously a lot of crossover voters. 

    We wish him well as he joins the majority representing the 17th Assembly District in the Ohio Legislature. 

    Thanks again for your help. 

    Here is Josh’s campaign website:

  • Dear Mr. Mandel

    I read about your bill to prevent investments in countries that sponsor terror.

    I support your efforts.

    Ed White

    PO Box 292678

    Dayton, OH 4529

  • Jonathan Fishman


    What you are doing is incredibly honorable. Like you I also attend Beachwood High School and you are doing a huge mitzvah by being in Iraq. Just one more thing….GO BUCKS! We’ll Get Them Next Year! Also, although I am a democrat I would vote for you if you choose to run for state or national office!


    Jonathan Michael Fishman

  • It’s a shame that Josh Mandel is not at least 35 years old. He’d make the ideal running mate with John McCain.

  • Link Starbureiy

    Wowsers!  Josh and I went to OSU together, and I remember him bugging me days on end about his tribulations as Student Government President.  I live in Montana now, so I can’t support his in-state campaign, but I am proud to see him make something of his unique skillset.

    Our schedules never did permit us to have that lunch together at the Won-gei.  Don’t think I forgot about that!

    Well wishes,

    Link E. Starbureiy

  • Mitch Mandel

    HE’S MY COUSIN!!!!

  • Is he single?!