We invented “low carb”

I was going through one of my bread cravings the other day (during Passover) and I realized what a great thing this new low-carb craze is to some Jews. These days I keep strict kosher for Passover, but there was a time when that wasn’t the case. I’ve been stationed in a few places where finding kosher for Passover items are next to impossible, so I used to just do my best to eliminate bread and reduce any other prohibited items on Passover. In the Atkins-crazed America we now live in this “method” is a whole lot easier.

I certainly don’t pretend that a Hardee’s bun-less burger is recognized as kosher for Passover. The rules for Passover are 100 times more strict than everyday kashrut*, but for those less observant Jews who might forgo Passover altogether, or others who have little or no access to a week’s worth of Passover food, this might be a great opportunity.

If nothing else, it shows that if a good portion of America (not known for our culinary restraint) can do without bread for months at a time, how hard is one week for us Jews. I would love to hear your comments on this subject.

While I’m on the topic, I should note that with the wonders of the internet, it is easier than ever before to order kosher for Passover food if you live in an “isolated” area. Some that my family has used are:

Aaron’s Gourmet – Precooked and uncooked prepared meals. GREAT food!
MyKosherFood – Mail order food
yShlep – Mail order & local delivery in New York

* An example: The Sages said that if one crumb of chametz falls into a huge pot of chicken soup, then — even if the crumb was removed — that negligible bit of “bread taste” will still render the whole mixture “chametz.”