Building a Sukkah in Kuwait

Photo: David Frommer

Photo: David Frommer

Chaplain Frommer is in the news again, this time in The Atlantic. It’s a great article about his Sukkot experience in Kuwait. Not only is it a nice telling of holiday observance in an austere environment, but it has some intrigue:

In two days, Engineer Congregant’s soldiers had secured the necessary lumber and constructed a sukkah that looked sturdy enough to withstand an airstrike.  I was delirious with relief.  “Wait till we send pictures of this to the Public Affairs Office for a story on cooperation between the chaplain and engineering corps,” I babbled.  “That might not be such a good idea,” Engineer Congregant advised.  “My battalion commander thinks all this wood was requested for some major repairs to an important supply shed!”

As well as some humor:

At our first community service in the sukkah, I began my sermon with a lesson on its meaning.  “We celebrate this holiday to appreciate the blessings in our lives that those who are less fortunate lack—like air conditioning, indoor plumbing, and delicious food,” my sermon began.  “Can anyone tell me what this holiday is called?”  “Um, every day of our deployment?” someone deadpanned.

Go check out the full read at The Atlantic.